The Battle of the Bulge Living History week is presented by the World War II Federation to Honor the Veterans that fought during World War II, some of which paid the ultimate price with their lives. This event is not in any way related to, or is not sponsored by Fort Indiantown Gap, or the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The event is broken in to two parts, the first part for the General Public and the second part for World War II Veterans and Living Historians.

Our Living History Commemoration portrays Soldiers of World War II. The purpose is to Honor the Veterans of World War II, Battle of the Bulge and present it in an Educational manner as accurately and objectively as possible. They stress "objectively" - The Event concentrates on the military aspects of the soldier and DO NOT support or in any way condone the politics which directed them.

The Living History Commemoration and its people try to portray the common soldiers in a unit. The Axis Historians provide an important foil to the Allied Historians at public display battles and living history events. The victory of the American, British and Soviet forces did not come easily. An accurate portrayal may permit the uninformed to gauge more accurately the difficulty and the sacrifice made by all soldiers in achieving what General Eisenhower titled: "The Crusade in Europe."