If you are a motivated individual looking to take an interest in WWII reenacting consider joining the 83rd Infantry 329th Regiment Reenactment Division. Do not worry about having all of the equipment listed below. The form beneath is for our knowledge of the extent of your equipment thus far. We can help you along the way to guide you in making the correct purchases. Please do not be concerned about how expensive reenacting can be because there are low cost methods to look authentic and to still get your feet wet. The most important aspect is getting involved and participating in meetings to know what reenacting is all about. There is no fee for membership in the group however individual members are responsible for fees associated with specific events. We require that you be at least 18 years of age and active in the unit. I must note that this group's focus is living history accuracy and the complete experience. Although we do participate in tactical reenactments it is not our core focus. Underage drinking will not be tolerated at any time. It is required that your uniform correctly display the units patch and insignias. This is required in order to maintain a crisp authentic look while promoting the unit and the men who served under it. If you have a specific question about our division please feel free to contact us with the form below. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to your participation in bringing the history of the 83rd Thunderbolt Division to life.

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M1941 Field Coat
Tanker Jacket
Ike Jacket
Period Wool Trousers
Period Wool Shirt
Under shirt OD or White
khaki Tie
khaki Shirt
Period Khaki Trousers
Service Shoes
Web Belt
M1938 Leggings
Garrison Cap w/ Blue Piping
GI Socks
Wool Jeep Cap
Helmet with Liner

T Handle Shovel
GI Footlocker
Wool Blanket
M1936 Field Bag
M1936 Suspenders
M1928 Haversack
10 Pocket Cartridge Belt
Dog Tags Notched
M1910 Canteen w/ Cup
M1924 or M1942 1ST Aid Kit
Mess kit, Knife, Fork, Spoon
M1 Rifle
M1903 Rifle
M1918 BAR
M1 Carbine
M1 Thompson