Basic Uniform (Enlisted Man)
This is the basic uniform required in order to participate in unit events. Over time, aditional uniforms / gear /weapons may, and are encouraged to be purchased

- M1937 EM Wool shirt and trousers (Usually good to have at least two sets)
- 83rd Infantry Division / Camp Atterbury Unit Tee Shirt (Can be purchased through the Unit Quartermaster)

- Overseas / Garrison Cap (2nd Pattern) with Blue Infantry Piping and 329th Dinstinctive Unit Insignia (DI) (Can be purchased through the Unit Quartermaster)
- Leggings (Dismounted) M-1938 (Not Marine Corp or Navy leggings)

Any One Kind of the Following Type of Boot can be Worn:
- Shoe, Service, Composition Sole, Type II
- Shoe, Service, Reverse Uppers, Type III ("Rough outs")

Note: The Boot, Serivice, Combat M-1943 ("Double Buckle") can also be purchased, however one of the two above types MUST be acquired first as a part of the basic uniform. Dubbing or water proofing is not required, but recommended.

- Socks should be OD wool US Army issue and/or Red Cross issue socks.
- Dog Tags (Must be WWII "notched" style with either a beaded chain or a stainless steel chain necklace) (Can be acquired through the Unit Quartermaster)
- Belt, Trousers, EM

Class B Uniform
With the addition of the basic EM uniform the following items must be added to achieve a class B uniform. It is highly recommended that you obtain these items.

- Necktie, M-1936 (Black) or M-1942 (Khaki)
- M41 Field Jacket
- Shoes, Low Quarter